FIND THE BASTARD WHO SHAT DOWN MY A LOO WITH A VIEW The mystery dumper lays cable down Mike's stack CHIMNEY Homeowner's flue poo horror HOUSEHOLDERMike Williams is furious By SIMON DEAN ater a foul-bowelled simonosundaysportcouk hooligan unloaded a neighbour ran up and said they'd seen a wee ned down his freshly shatting down the chimney swept chimneyHe's even taken a wee big steaming SHIT Scottish or a umn Carpet fitter photo on his Mike left had Topened the doorthe smell been lookinThe wee bastards shite forward to making had landed in the grate up the first fire of the year phone When was incredible it was all over the place! tem gerajuresBastard took a turn south in his frontth e There s no home city of way itl brush out What he hell am I going to say But those to the insurance? Och-a went ned shatdoon the chimney? If I getmy hands on the bastard I'll kick him in the oik unleashed a arse so hard helr ans own the drain after the young le whidh landed shit aurce at Grampían with a nasty splatter Police said the crime was in the grate unpleasant and unusual Unwed Mik 34 ragedI was justgetting o you recognise the chimney shitter? Call our For 29th i present you one of the pics that made me laugh so hard i grew abs Enjoy Meme

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