Firefighters contained the fire to a single apartment unit and primarily in the bedroom of that unit The occupant was at home asleep in the family room of the apartment when he awoke to heavy smoke and self- evacuated Fire investigators excavated the fire room finding that the fire started where an extension cord was compressed to the carpet under totes and clothing next to the bed The extension cord had a lamp and a space heater plugged into it and turned on There were a lot of individual events that all came together that resulted in the best possible outcome including the apartment having working smoke alarms and a fast aggressive response from firefighters said Acting Fire Chief James Cannell The Division of Fire would like to emphasize to everyone the importance of having the proper number of working smoke alarms in their residence Space heaters are designed to be plugged in directly to an outlet not an extension cord When using extension cords make sure they are rated to handle the electric load of what you are plugging into them Thin inexpensive cords cannot handle the electrical demano of larger appliances Also we would like to remind evervone that it is illegal to drive your vehicle through an emergency scene or over firehose Anyone needing assistance having a smoke alarm installed please call our Smoke Alarm Hotline at 614-724-0935 Smoke Alarms Credited For Waking Family in Multi-Story Apt Fire 3 Photos 231 44 Comments 93 Shares Apparently people have to be reminded not to run over fire hoses when the FD is actively fighting a fire 🤦‍♂️ Meme

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