firefox-official we should abandon the current US government system and replace it with the ranking system in warrior cats don't @ me hi-captain-jack-harkness just saying that obamastar is way cooler than trumpstar also what the hell are kits then firefox-official babies duh fngr pancake-geesus Are telling me kids are going to be apprentices for like twelve fuckin years thats 24 times as long firefox-official yes 12 years 1st grade to 12th grade american school system ive thought this through kindagay-prettyokay And what the h*ck is the medicine cat firefox-official you guys are really not thinking this through huh it's a fucking doctor you degenerate voidedmuffin wait what are cats then firefox-official theyre still cats what the fuck are you on letmesleepibegofyou do we actually hunt for food or do we go grocery shopping and call it hunting firefox-official i said the ranking system guys not their lifestyle im going to lose it churrosalesman25 the fuck is a warrior cat firefox-official someone's going to die today and it sure as fuck is not going to be me superultramefanerd Would the time zones become the clans or would it just be randomly assigned firefox-official it's the ranking system the leader is the president it's one clan we're one clan can't you fucking read i'm this close to bursting into tears song-of-echo ok but what about other countries? would there be americaclan and canadaclan and stuff? firefox-official it does say US government system on the original post you saw that right? you read the post? the US? just america? cocoaishere wait does that mean the president rules until someone else comes along and wrecks their shit? firefox-official i mean yeah until that motherfucker dies he's leader that's how wc works kill your leader start a riot & shut the fuck up im so stressed tiny-danplan-creature I for one do not think trump should get nine lives firefox-official neither should tigerstar but guess what firefly464 Isn't this just a monarchy? Or a dictatorship? firefox-official it's the warrior cats ranking style that's what it is firefox-official #hey so what are deputies then hey @tophat-octopus trying to hide this stupid question in the tags what do you think a vice president is iidontreally-know1 what are two legs considered? firefox-official youre just like the guy who asked what cats would be twolegs are people we just wouldn't use that term??? im fA skoib probably a dumb question but what about rogues and loners firefox-official rogues arent even a part of the clan ranking system i do not think i can handle this thread much longer bookwoodsanctuary what about other government officials? are they just warriors? or would they not exist?? firefox-official thEYRE WARRIORS THEY DONT EXIST I CANNOT DO THSI ANYMORE puddlewing why the fuck is firefox tweeting abt warrior cats firefox-official tweeting? i'm tweeting? tweeting? this is Twitter? huh? is this fucking Twitter? theloneliestperidot WAIT WAIT WAIT I MAY BE SMALL BRAIN BUTwhat is the queen ? who would be the queen ? according to what I've read it's definition in the warrior cats thing is Queen - A she-cat expecting or nursing kits?? who would be??? the queen ??? firefox-official take a fucking gander why don't you a pregnant womana woman nursing a baby it's literally in what you said did you forget how to read Don't mean to get political but Meme

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