First Name utA unun d Grade Phone tar sgnature student Signature NO REFUNDS will be given after a student registers for his or her examl4 PENALIES AND FEES will apply if a student is absent for an exam $40 andor requir 730 Exoms DUS Government and Politics Date 1130 Exems O Phyics C M6 DPhysics C Elec stonday 54 & Magh D Calculus AB B Calculus BC C German Language and Csit O Human Geognphy D Earopean Hismory O Physics 2 Algebra Baved uesday 55 ednesday 56 D English Literature & Composition Chemistry O Spanish Literature & Culrure Clapemese Lanmguage and Cale O Physics 1 Algebra Based 0Computer Stience A ursolay 57 iday 58 Art History enday 511 DChinese Language amd Cnlme BoptinGgs -OTCE O ental Sciende esday 512 O Seminar QSpanish Language and Culrure oPeychology dnesday 513 English Language & Composition Micro 0Comparative Gov't & Politics World History Modern OMusic Theory YMacroeconomics DItalian Language and Culture rsday 514 Computer Science Principals French Language and Culture ay 515 D Statistics Please complete the information be Paid in Full Online check or cosh Exam Fees re diready included AVID Student 1exom $25 discount 2 or mon discount The chort on the left includes cll elig on-AVID AVID tudents Students 65 $188 69S $138 Family discount *Porents poying for 4 or m $30 discount The chort on the left includes o Fee Walver Complete bock ofform paren C064 ZE2S fuck off man 5 tests back to back i hate you college board Meme

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