First Spring in Stardew Valley starter pack You're starting to feel exhausted E 265 Inventory Full You feel sluggish from over-exertion Not enough noney You're not good enough friends with Penny to enter her bedroon I'll be honest I don't want No There's soneone else I to dance with you want to dance with Soneone dropped you off at the clinic last night You'd passed out fron exhaustion! You've got to take better core of yourself and go to bed at o reasonable hour I' ve billed you 26g COVER your nedical expenses to It's getting late I found you unconscious in hunting for minerals and I alnost stepped the mines I Was 1200 am 200 am on your head! I nust have hit my heoad pretty hoard I've forgotten everythimg about the last 10 levels of the mine First Spring in Stardew Valley starter pack Meme

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