First woman on the Moon Houston we have a problem What? Never mind What's the problem? Nothing Please tell us? I'm fine 918 pm 24 Aug 16 3771 RETWEETS 6327 LIKES Neil deGrasse Tyson @DrNeilTyson @SciencePorn Haha it's funny because women did all the calculations that actually got men to the moon Id 734 t 372 Neil deGrasse Tyson @DrNeilTyson @SciencePorn It's funny because any show of potential weakness by a woman is savagely pounced on and used against her 1d 414 t3 198 Neil deGrasse Tyson @DrNeilTyson 1d @SciencePorn It's funny because for 20 years women were rejected out of hand as astronaut candidates 23 209 420 Neil deGrasse Tyson @DrNeilTyson @SciencePorn It's funny because women in STEM are mocked and abused Sexual harassment is rife in astronomy grad programs for example Id 422 t 205 Neil deGrasse Tyson @DrNeilTyson @SciencePorn It's funny because the pursuit of science and knowledge is the greatest most noble pursuit in human history and yet- 1d t 194 Neil deGrasse Tyson @DrNeilTyson @SciencePorn -for the vast majority of history half of our species' minds have been barred from this great adventure In summary haha Id Meme

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