FLORIDA MAN Medium aberration shapeshifter chaotic evil Armor Class 10 Hit Points 8515d10 3 Speed 40 ft Swim 40ft CON CHA STR DEX INT WIS 17 3 17 -3 17 -3 1 -5 1 5 18 -4 Condition Immunities paralyzed poisoned grappled charmed frightened fatigued Senses Tremorsense 30ft Languages Common Deep Speech Challenge 5 1800 XP Chaos Incarnate When Florida Man becomes the target of a spell he rolls for an effect on the Wild Magic table Modern Cryptid Florida Man may appear as any humanoid indefinitely and can change it's appearance at will It is not incredibly hard to spot however due to the deranged look in it's eyes and penchant to take on odd appearance traits such as face and neck tattoos unusual hair styles and extremely poor oral hygiene The Florida Man's true appearance is unknown but it will collapse into 3d4 small alligators upon dying Actions Multiattack Florida Man makes two attacks each turn if it is able Eat a Face Melee Weapon Attack +5 to hit reach 5t one target Hit 9 2d6 2 On a Successful Eat a Face attack Flordia Man grapples the target Throw Something Ranged Weapon Attack 2 to hit reach 20ft one target Hit 15 3d6 4 Florida Man will attempt to lift an unsecured object or person within 5ft of it and throw it at a target If a creature is thrown they take no damage but are relocated If no object or person is within reach Florida Man will seperate a small aligator from its biomass and throw it monsters-and-more dungeonmalcontent Now updated with a few things that make it in my mind at least more fitting functional and terrifying Legends Meme

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