Follow @ anonymoustits TO ALL THE WOMEN TO EVER EXIST EVER GO UPDATE UR PHONE N ACTIVATE THAT SHIT LIKE NOW AT&T ? 1025 PM 小 @ O * 57%ED KSettings Emergency Sos Rapidly click the sleepwake button five times to quickly call emergency services Auto Call You may still need to specify an emergency service to dial when using Emergency SOS in certain regions Set up Emergency Contacts in Health Emergency SOS will notify emergency contacts with messages that say you have called emergency services These messages also include your current location You can set up emergency contacts for Emergency SOS in your Medical ID in the Health app About Emergency SOS & Privacy Countdown Sound Play a warning sound while Emergency SOS is counting down to call emergency services 827 PM - 19 Sep 2017 11197 Retweets 12822 Likes 00 103 th 11 13K Michael Soutar @mrated 6h I have a daughter AND a son and would love for both of them to enable this feature Why is everything about gender on Twitter? 95 th 2 Follow @_anonymoustits Replying to @mrated @ryanflorence you could always delete your account to ease your frustrations idc 637 PM-20 Sep 2017 3 Retweets 179 Likes ohshititsmama cartnsncreal once you鈥檝e updated to ios11 it鈥檚 under emergency sos! 馃挄 Here鈥檚 what it looks like for Android This And a Pepper spray ! BUT WHO TO CALL WHEN POLICE ABUSE? HEY SO ANDROID HAS THIS TOO AT LEAST ON THE S8 IF NOT ON OTHERS It鈥檚 under Settings Advanced Features SOS I was really glad to know iOS had this feature but worried about Android users so I wanted to make sure everyone knew that they also have the option for this Stay safe you guys!! Meme

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