Follow Employing people based on their ability to perform a job ostracizes those with little or no skill and has no place in an inclusive society 81 87 Uh Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking We are presently cruising about 12 feet from the ground and that scraping and tearing you can hear is the fuselage being ripped out from under us because I forgot to close the baggage doors and take up the wheels If you look out of the window you may see the terrified faces of those you love who came to wave you off as plow into terminal 4 like a flaming arrow of apocalyptic wrath as I've never flown a plane before This shitlord can't fly because he assumed that everyone onboard identified as either ladies or gentlemen' A truly qualified pilot knows there's 37 genders Unlike Reply 752 February 13 at 206am Meme

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