Follow It has been so freeing not responding to males anymore when they wanna argue ridicule or gaslight me and other women on feminism Males are the personification of trash and our time as women is not going to be wasted trying to converse with the biologically broken a bunch of rapists and murderers Feminism is about uniting women and being liberated from patriarchy it's not about going back and forth with a male As for handmaidens and women who want male validation sooooooo bad fuck it don't respond to them either They want to feel all Not Like Other GirlsTM and know their Nigels are by the bushes watching and want men to pick them that's punishment enough There IS a difference between discourse in that you react to feminist issues and add your rhetoric or debunk lies and straight up just going back and forth with a semen dispenser coz you hope if you tell them the truth enough they'll change or realize they're wrong That's got to be some hetero bullshit socialized to women to make us emotionally labour for the evil and for the stupid when we can spend that energy speaking to each other and anyone who cares to listen about important feminist issues Males have never changed and will never ever be decent humans enough to see you as a person They will try to act dumb as an excuse to drain you of your energy by having you explaindefend simple feminist concepts over and over again or they will gaslight you and try to rewrite our reality as women The male perspective on feminism is not something any woman should find important enough to spend energy trying to change This person talks about men as if they aren’t even real people just vermin that the entire world would benefit from the extermination of Frightening Meme

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