Follow OONT @TananariveDue Diversity should just be called reality Your books your TV shows your movies your articles your curricula need to reflect REALITY 442 PM-26 Oct 2017 from Glendora CA 6041 Retweets 195esOC003 T'Challarive Due TTananariveDue Follow Too many people walk around believing there were no POC in NY in the 1940s or in the old west because of lack of representation in film & TV 455 PM- 26 Oct 2017 243 Retweets 689 Likes Sie Follow @TananariveDue In 1947 Boris Karloff on SAG's anti- discrimination cmte pushed for blacks to be 10% of all crowd scenes IF ONLY Source Horror Noire 502 PM- 26 Oct 2017 from Glendora CA Follow DONT @TananariveDue Diversity foes think we're trying to distort reality to create a lie when the actual lie is NOT having POC & women & LGBT voicesimages 535 PM - 26 Oct 2017 from Glendora CA 183 Retweets 436 Likes Follow @keobooks Replying to @beachbianchi @TananariveDue The sitcom Friends creepy Not only was the whole cast whites buui thee characters lived in Manhattan and had no nonwhite coworkers neighbors or friends Creeped me out every time I watched The only thing that would have been weirder is if they lived in ar al whiie Tokyo 721 PM-26 Oct 2017 10 Retweets 94 LikesOA down-to-venusAbsolutely! Diversity should reflect the reality the actual world where different people of different descent views and appearances are living side by side Let’s be clear about it the lack of diversity leads to the lack of representation and it leads to frustration of children who have no role models from their community on TV in books movies and so on We need diversity we need this reality reflected accurately Meme

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