Follow sausr Did anyone consider the optics of a white climate activist travelling from Europe on a boat to indigenous lands to spread a message we've been saying for 500 years? This feels like the environmental mayflower taking resourcesspace in a movement that we're still criminalized for 336 PM - 26 Sep 2019 2262 Retweets 9740 Likes 91 tl 23K Tip 97K Tweet your reply memer Sen 27 This is no disrespect to Greta I value her advocacy But the ways white faces get assigned posterchildren in movements black brown and indigenous people built needs to be addressed We are the communities most impacted by climate change we cannot be an afterthought 25K t 567 Tiр 8 IShmemer Sep 27 The burden of this obviously doesn't fall on her I just hope her team sees the importance in providing this context Because indigenous needs to be spoken Our communities need to be named 11 ti 188 Tip 13K ep Replying to Hey everyone! Let's read way WAY too far into the actions of a 16 year old climate activist We won't look like a****s or anything! 11 Tip 1 more reply Muda- E 26 Reply ANA The fact I'm not surprised that white people get a spotlight that Indigenous people and poc built says a lot as a Polynesian Indigenous Pasifika person of color activist We are not packmules and we are not background characters in a cis white persons story SJWs don’t like Greta sailing to the US because it’s somehow similar to European colonists sailing to the Americas somehow Meme

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