Follow spence @spencethekiddo when you're trying to make your women's studies paper longer Edit View Insert Format Tools Table Add-ons Help All changes saved in Drive Normal textTimes New12BIUA o E r~ 100% Normal text Times Spencer Nabors Kathleen Conklin Women's Studies 1st Hour 13 January 2015 Bloomield Hills Michigan Model High School Final Essay 5 Pages 1351 Words 16 years old FMOT @SpencerNabors FMOI @spenceralexandria Rapper Name Swaggy Spence Download My Mixtape It's Fire The Sociology of Sorry In June 2014 Pantene aired a commercial for their hair care produ overwhelming issue of women saying sorry too much The commercial sta different situations apologizing for things they should not even have to be <p>when you don&rsquot hit the minimum page length via rBlackPeopleTwitter<p> Meme

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