Follow Well the windis blowing here in rizona againwhich means allergies are in full swing!! tchy watery runny &foggy head pressureugh! Usually this cutie just uses the seasonal spray we made with Lavender Copaiba Peppermint andalong with the Rollerball but those red called for a little more support todayespecially with AzMerit testing in today! Since this cutie can't take an oil like my oldest can we pull out the good olé shotglass! Oh yesthe redsoloshotglass! Add some Ningxia Redcause who can't use some extra antioxidants add two' drops each of Peppermint and Lavenderand usually I do add the Copaibabut I will admitbusy mom crazy morningand I forgot! You bet she will be getting another shot tonight! Meanwhile my oldest and I just took one of the oil had made and frozethose have all the goodies in themImmune support seasonal support digestive supporteverything we need in that preciousI made! And you can bet you know what will be in my diffuser alll day todayyou guessed it! Lemon peppermint lavender and prob a dash of Eucalyptus! What is YOUR favorite seasonal support oil and how do YOU use it?! 24 44 ENERGIZE PORTIFy REVITA YOUNG LIVING ENTIAL OIL-INFUSED FBERRY SUPPLEMEN 35 FL O7 750 ml Daughter wont take your DIY oil pills? Make her fucking drink it Meme

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