Follow Yhoooo! Guys!! Let me tell you about this young white couple and what madee them leave South Africa ! !! <ʼ #SAElections2019 747 am -8 May 2019 5884 Retweets 4820 Likes 20h So we are standing in a queue to vote I'm in front there's an elderly black lady behind me and they were behind her They came with their 3kids two boys who were about 4 & 6 and the baby the woman is carrying who looked 2 20h The 4 & 6 year old were extremely agitated and wanted to go home because we'd been standing in the queue for a while The mother kept trying to bribe them with food but after a while that didn't work I don't know what he said that made the black elder lady & I laugh 236338 20h So we look at the mother and said something to her about her adorable little The 6yr old looked at us with so much confusion! Puzzled He looks at me & says But mommy said you people are rude She said you aren't nice people! She said you aren't even people! Guys! 20h The parents are now embarrassed and kept trying to explain what they meant No but you are rude You don't say that blah blah! Boy looked at his mother and says But mom you said they aren't people and that's why we must vote You said they aren't people mom! 423 20h The lady immediately left the queue and went to find the voting agent and asked to skip the queue Can you imagine??? Even the 2yr old baby was making funny facial expressions of disqust KIDS quys! Kids!!!! 2-6year olds They are teaching children to be racist Racist 2 year old baby Meme

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