Following @sydnerain Yes People Really Gave a Shit About a Sexualized Handmaid's Tale Costume Rather Than Drawing Attention to the 48 Products Fetishizing and Sexualizing Actual Indigenous Women From the Same Exact Company And yes we really are in hell Yes A Company Really Made A Sexy Handmaid's Tale' Halloween Costume And no it didn't go over well huffingtonpostcom WeeziesBooksWeeziesBooks Sep 21 they still selling sexy Native costumes Yandy explain 13 t 299 523 WeeziesBooks WeeziesBooks Sep 21 @Yandy you want to talk about women's oppression let's talk about the 5100 #MMIW In case you don't know what that means 5100 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Because our bodies are seen as commodities thanks to the sexy squaw trope 2ti 35 105 WeeziesBooks @WeeziesBooks Sep 21 If you can appease outraged women who are mad about a fictional character's costume then you should have NO problem pulling costumes that hurt REAL Indigenous women Ali Nahdee @AliNahdee Replying to @WeeziesBooks The Handmaid's Tale already appropriates oppression experience by WoC all over the world and just paints it in whiteface so this honestly doesn't surprise me It's only considered a tragedy or a womens issue when it's applied to white women Gross 35 PM-21 Sep 2018 1 Like doesthendnlivePeople are more outraged about a sexualized Handmaid costume but not the hypersexualized racist costumes that are routinely called out and criticized by WoC all the time But what else is new? Meme

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