Fonce heard a man say that time is a flat circle and that all we have ever done we are destined to do again If that is the case how does one explain the monarch butterfly? Toward the end ofevery year their population begins their southern migration hoping to escape the harshness of winter and journey into the warmer parts of Mexico Yet no single butterfly completes the entire trip Four generations complete the annual cycle So how do the growing butterflies know where to go? How does one know to continue a journey they never started and long for a place they've never been? This leaves me thinking of my very first breaths As Alan Watts once said asI woke up despite never having been asleep Now I'm left to wonder are we butterflies in our ways? Are we sovereigns on our own journeys tracing the paths of our ancestors? For some of us it would certainly appear so How else could we have come so close to the sun without ever having left the ground? Clyde Hurlston @adebtpaidinink <3 Meme

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