FOOD30 CLASSIC COCKTAILS and how to make 'em REPUBLI EST 2010 AMERICANO し 、 BLOODY MARY ณ0de water Garwish wa orange Peet BOULEVARDIER CAPE CODDER Gamiah with oronge peal or chenry and serve 0 7 CORPSE REVIVER #2 COSMOPOLITAN Shake ond wtai nto ched cocktal glass CUBA LIBRE DAIQUIRI n highball g DARK AND STORMY GIN AND TONIC parts Tonile and top with ginger br Gari w GIN FIZZ GRASSHOPPER 1 a ho and-half 1 hp fernet Sronca pinch so IRISH COFFEE MAI TAI MANHATTAN MARGARITA dehes Angeuo MARTINI MIMOSA he nte g Serve cold MINT JULEP MOJITO NEGRONI OLD-FASHIONED Garih wh orange twist and PIMM'S CUP PISCO SOUR SAZERAC SIDECAR TEQUILA SUNRISE TOM COLLINS Shake and topith dub sode Srain into chile cos glais Garnihwi WHISKEY SOUR WHITE RUSSIAN าร 44 coletque 1 44 0 kn os iledwih ice Float fresh creom on top and laughoutloud-club Drinks anyone? Meme

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