foone Follow oone Here's the question I always have with universal translators in sci-fi how do they know when to stop translation? Like say an alien asks about deserts on earth and the human lists the sahara desert gobi desert and kalahari desert Alien You just said desert six times 43 AM-19 Jul 2018 756 Retweets 1883 Likes 068 ロ756 ㅇ1SK foone @Foone 24h Sahara is Arabic for desert Gobi is Mongolian for desert and Kalahari is Tswana for desert foone @Foone 24h Man the aliens are going to think we're so bad at naming Cause really aren't Brit Behold the beautiful River Avon Alien Ahh the River River You humans have such a knack for naming things foone Foone 24h Here we are in Chad looking upon the mighty Lake Chad! Ahh yes the land of Lake bordering the Lake Lake Another fine human name foone @Foone 24h And here's Nyanza Lac in Burundi As you can tell by the fact that it's named Lake Lake in Bantu & French it's a la actually this one's a city A city named Lake Lake strange-emily I found this thing on Facebook and l fell down the Humans Are Weird hole yet again first did before I even started my blog - Pinterest is sooo full of these posts! And I keep falling down it from time to time when I discover something new sirthane You could do it like Douglas Adams with some device that reads brainwaves or whatever jargon you choose and translates the intended meaning of the words according to the speaker In this context for instance the speaker intends the word Sahara to mean the name of the place so the translator would translate it accurately as Sahara Desert I've thought about things like this before Mostly about the common rip at ghost hunter shows and movies about how a x00 years old German castle has ghosts that speak perfect crystal clear modern English My thoughts on a plausible explanation were that an apparition would not physically speak by causing vibrations in the air Rather consider the possibility that they instead push thoughts into the minds of those it interacts with causing them to experience the sensation of hearing and seeing them as a means to communicate Your brain receives thoughts of the meanings and concepts the being intends to convey That's why you hear them in your native language no matter what you speak or where you're at This also comes with the bonus of explaining why proof is never found on audio or video recordings The sights and sounds you perceive didn't actually physically happen You could also reasonably argue that they'd still be able to interact with push physical objects with strong enough emotions through some means depending on canon while communicating in this manner by saying that expanding and contracting the air in such a way to create the sound of voice with intelligible words would require far too much precision and control ldk It's fun stuff to think about Sourcestrange-emily #brain waves #translation #ghost echnology #humans are space australians #humans are insane #humans are space oddities #humans are space orcs #humans are weird #humans 16100 notes A neat solution to a worldbuilding problem Meme

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