for 3 dage siden Using an aircraft carrier as a rally car -now I've seen it all 21 SVAR Skjul svar for 19 timer siden redigeret Long before the era of cockroach size cars aircraft carrier size cars set the paceyou are from too new of a generation to know much about anything that preceded you get some history in you before writing down moronic comments By the by t took real driving skill to drive those aircraft carriers today an on board super computer governing engine performance and shift points makes morons barely competent race drivers SVAR for 19 timer siden Looks like someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning xD SVAR for 6 timer siden redigeret Wrong again moron !Just dislike moronic comments made by morons like you who need to chime in on anything about which you know nothing typically emblematic of your lackluster generation blah blah blah totalling zero essence Have a nice life moron! SVAR for 6 timer siden Ok bye bye now SVAR Weird boomer rage over a comment on a car video Meme

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