For all you environmentalists That one little burp by Mt Etna has already put more than 10000 times the CO2 into the atmosphere than mankind has in our ENTIRE time on earth but don't worry a scam is in the works to tax you your minuscule footprint Livingston County for Trump April 18 at 848 AM Like Page #ClimateChangeHoax 1 Comment comment Share Like Very interesting claim that a burp from Mt Etna put over 10co0 times the CO2 of all mankind into the atmosphere since according to this study httoswwwnaturecomarticles351387a0 the amount of CO2 released by Mt Etna yearly amounts to roughly 13 million metric tons while the total CO2 emissions of mankind since 1751 https lodiac ess dive Iblgov Jemisitre glob 2014htmi is about 400 billion metric tonnes It would be much more than a burp for Mt Etna to release 300 million times it's yeariy output in a single event Why ie NATURECOM Eruptive and diffuse emissions of Co sub 2sub from Mount Etna Like Reply Remove Previexw-1m 回田密 Write a comment Can't understand simple mathematics Meme

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