For Hire Ghost Hunter Hi I am Michael and I am the foremost ghost hunter in this part of town I investigate any kind of paranormal activity and report back with my findings It is like The X-Files but without the drawback of having to explain my conclusions to a scientist Here are some of my skills Good at sensing the presence of ghosts Have my own ouija board I am almost certain I once contacted John Lennon via this method Climbing ● Bravery but also caution In 2011 I solved The Mystery of the Haunted Bus if you don't know about it look it up If you want to avail of my services please take one of my business cards below and get in touch I know it says goat hunter but that is a misprint The lady in the shop misheard me when I said ghost hunter and I can't afford to get all 250000 cards reprinted Michael Michael Goat Hunter For all your goat-hunting needs Hunting goats since 2004 Or Michael aybe 2005 I'm not sure Can't remember Definitely no later than 2006 though The best oat-hunter in this part of town aMichael1979 Who ya gonna call? Meme

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