For six years Felix Kjellerg better known as PewDiePie has been the most subscribed channel on youtube with a total of 86 million subscribers Pewdiepie started his career on youtube on april 2010 and became the most subscribed channel two years later Considering that pewdiepie is an independant creator who only has two editors and himself working on his videos this is very impressive But then one day an indian company named T-series quickly started to gain subscribers and is currently only 9927 subscribers behind the swedish legend i'm urging everyone who is reading this to subscribe to PewDiePie and unsubscribe to T-series If you aren't already subscribed to pewdiepie you are understandably questioning why you should subscribe but it isn't about pewdiepie it's about the independent content creators on youtube Every year youtube becomes noticeably more corporate and distant from its creators and users and if the most subscribed channel is a corporate entity then i fear that that companies will realize the potential in using a youtube channel to make revenue and market their product and squelch independent creators on youtube as a byproduct from this realization So far since the battle of T-series started pewdiepie has gained more than 7 million subscribers by getting support from big and small youtubers such as Mrbeast Jacksepticeye Markiplier and even logan Paul Showing at this point pretty much the entire internet in on felix side I know that some people have a natural urge to not follow mainstream but this cause is bigger than just you it's about a website that all of you use on a daily basi Many people say mainly mainstream media's that pewdiepie is a racist nazi and a bad person in general but the people who make these false accusations always seem to conveniently forget the fact that pewdiepie has raised literal millions for charities Pewdiepie raised money for the world wildlife fund stjude charity water and last year he raised 2000000S for a charity named cry that helps stop child labor in india Some may argue that the pewdiepie just doesn't want to lose his spot at number one but this isn't true felix just doesn't want to lose to a company he would most likely be very willing to hand over his spot if it was an independant creator even if it was one he didn't likeanother argument i heard against pewdiepie is that an indian channel being number one will encourage more indian creators on youtube and this would be true but only if it wasn't a corporate entity i fully support indian youtubers but T-series is not a youtuber its a company so it wont inspire anyone to create on youtube Now that read this essay i want you to ask yourself a question What would you rather havea company that only cares about itself and making money or a man from sweden that climbed his way to the top raised millions for charity and has the has the support from almost the entire internet oh his side? I hope you make the right choice an essay by crispy bits Meme

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