For the love of all that is holy in Gensokyou for the love of the Gods who moved to this world for the sake of self-perservation I implore you beg of you beseech you to remember call to mind and recollect your previous thoughts so that whenever you have feelings of discom posure disquitude reverence presentiment misgiving consternation and abhorrence recreancy or whenever you break out in a cold sweat and tremble uncontrollably in dread I implore you to recall from your past expierences the feelings of contentment optimism jubilation beatitude enchantment exuberance geniality sanctity merriment joviality hopefulness vivacity prosperity or delirium When the day is in doldrums and you feel languish heartbreak down in the dumps disconsolate grief-sickened heavyhearted low-spirited despondent lububrious woebegone doleful dejected bereaved wistful sorrow- ful glum forlorn downcast bitter dismal troubled low or hurting always remember happy days Meme

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