For the Ones Who Have Nothing by Max Bellegard Characters & Places c DC comics I don't know why I went back to that store Maybe cause I never had any toys as a kid Figure going back with one more will swav him even further towards my side It's nice to see someone else be able to enjoy them Giving Bizarro that first doll really seemed to put him in a more agreeable mood And away from Black Mask And sure part of me knows that showing the big guy a softer version of batman now Me and Bruce might not always see eye to eye but I've long since passed wanting to see him dead Might make him less inclined to hurt the real one later on Artemis? Knowing Black Mask I'm certain that's exactly what he has in mind And I thought the Amazons were overstocked for war It could take years to sort through all of what this man has collected Right now however my concern is only to find the bow of Ra iological uclear rtillery BI OXIC The rest of this mess can be dealt with later when the time comes For whatever reason I can feel myself being drawn here Biological weaponry? Surely he doesn't know a host is needed to use it Whatever the case may be The bow is mine now possumist Figured I’d put the first few pages together in one post they can otherwise be found separately here httpspossumisttumblrcompost172863673096rubs-hands-together-it-is-time-guess-who httpspossumisttumblrcompost173203849321took-longer-than-i-was-hoping-but-pages-2-3-areMight keep adding to this post by reblogging and adding additional pages underneath in order to keep them togetherin cronological order to make things easier Let me know what you think would be best! Anywhos hope you’re enjoying it so far I’ve got a lot more planned to come DAlso edited the colors a bit hopefully for the better lmao Meme

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