forind whasever it wwas that ancd engenough Hor patience the smile whe has plastered on She talks o heswelf a lot Sikit he's Ascerpy ond yc worst Adm to a awppy She telas terveit Ο ime he neesds Thst she will enceerage him to keep doing what he's tiven ir she doesn't know what the hell he in doing ter hands grip the Meering wheel The an is jarring almost blincling -a ietle too brilliant- as she fhes dows twe awoy es a at rwo o'clock and she' υσ ror the A whole week An eternity if be sends her home in a few hours She has a few things in a bag but she doesn't know if she will be staying or going She has no idea what to expect Which works out just fine beeause living wi r specialty of hers She tells herself there is nothing ahead but she doesn't eare too much about what she's left behind either and dhat means she's driving through the middle of some sort c She keeps driving Eyes straight ahead Breath tentatively held The top is down on the Mustang snd she lts the som poà agai she sits to get so seeping into her Finally She chalks up her bare arms The simple blue jersey dress she wears comes to above her knees and she has hiked it up as sun on her thighs Her skin has been cold for so long but right now the late June heat i lack of shivering to the weather and not to the fact that she is heading there To him The wind whips her hair It's longer than it had been when he'd last seen it It falls just p past her shoulders and even tugged iw messy ponytail right now strands lash at her race Her sunglasses are aviaom and ier Si need it out here Of course she won't but she brings it anyways Maybe it's just the most tangible she won't but she hold ornto She doesn't have much to hold onto these days What she needs is the air She is desperate for the thick hot air that sinks into her Her eyelids are heavy lulled by the drive and the surprising lack of traffic The heat is relentless It is everywh melted and the spring came sh inside of her Her gut is still cold Frigid Even after the snow Arsenio BahHambug @ArsenioB_Ham 4h Someone at my work no way to know who printed out a 300-page Law&Order SVU fanfic on the office printer 7416K 26K Meme

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