Fotiowed by no one you felow I defend Pedophiles publicy on the Internet Joined November 2017 Folowing 644 Folowers Tweets Tweets&replies Media Likes th The stereotype of the redophile is the reepy-looking male unshaved however you know that shy college girl with the beautiful face attractive to all the guys in school? She could be a pedophile too a These are the kind of accounts Twitter wants to keep around? 2400 557 AM-Dec 8 2018 1217 people are talking about this 1 hr The pedo-friendly discord server that I was running where I was recruiting people who were interested in the topic and arranging and organising with famous pro-pedo activists from all around the world that server got completely nuked by Discord But not only that literally everybody who was in that server their accounts got taken down That's 50+ accounts completely wiped out contacts privates messages everything Discord is sending a message man that anyone who tries to associate with me they're God damn Meme

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