Fox News He looked like 40s maybe 50 dark hair @JeffFlake I got @SteveScalise's phone & white with a blue shirt on and I think jeans called his wife I didn't want her to wake up & My view of him was quick @JeffFlake on hear the news & not know what was going gunman NTON FOR Fox News o Fox News He had a lot of ammo and I think he must I just remember seeing some gravel bounce have been secured behind the third base off as shots were coming near us and so we dugout for awhile @JeffFlake on security's climbed into the dugout @JeffFlake response NEWS @FoxNews We could see @SteveScalise out into the Fox News field He dragged himself after he was shot He was laying motionless out there Finally when I heard the shooter was down I @Jeff Flake low out to @SteveScalise and started putting pressure on the wound @JeffFlake NEWS APMatt York I didn't want her to wake up and hear the news and not know what was going on Senator JeffFlake made sure to call Congressman SteveScalise's wife after he was shot by a gunman with a rifle who opened fire during a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria Virginia For all the latest details on this story click the link in our bio Meme

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