freddiefansworld: serendibitedraws: vikingcarrot: soggywarmpockets: demsaymention: thedarkestlove: pwrd-by-plants: Cleaning the oceans one step at a time Two Australians created this container that collects plastic, paper, oil, fuel and detergent floating in the ocean. They want to implement it the middle of next year to clean up the sea worldwide. It seems a great idea. The only “but” as always is money, so they are raising funds to get to their goal. You can see their project and donations here. Fucking genius! Boost!!👏🏾 There’s only 9 days left and they aren’t even 35% funded. Boost and help them out! 7 days left, please help out if you can. Trash in the ocean is a massive, massive problem to the eco-system, food chain, climate and wildlife. Pleaaaaase consider. My environmental science classes talked about this for months. There are literal Giant islands sub islands of plastic floating in our oceans it affects every country if you eat fish it affects you if you eat anything from the ocean it affects you if you eat from anything that has come from water it affects you please consider funding them.