frenchbulldogrescueorg Give a warm welcome to FBRN's newest foster pup Finn aka “Baby Frenchie If Baby Frenchie didn't give it away Finn is a 6 month old sweet baby boy Finn is a happy sweet and very laid back puppy He is fully potty trained and absolutely loves to play with his toys After he takes all the toys out of the bin he will go back to the bin to look for more as if there should always be an endless supply of puppy toys in the bin! Finn has the sweetest baby bark and loves to tell Marley the Shih Tzu in his foster home that he wants to play He is unsure of Mike the cat and wonders why he is always burying “treasures” in his litterbox Ruh-roh! Finn also enjoys snuggling up in between pillows at bedtime and can out snore any grown manso loud that his foster mom has had to sleep with a pillow over her head! If you would like to sponsor this adorable baby boy head over to his page Finn sends you all lots of puppy love and kisses too! frenchbulldogrescueorghelp-fbrnfoster-dogs Meme

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