FRespectForCarter eKelsey Reynolds sorry black boys only white men can handle this Jamz amroca On behalf of black men everywhere we whole heartedly support your decision Amiri King shared Aaron Nichols's photo Aug 15 at 1202am e On behalf of all white people we sincerely admire your graciousness However we will be declining your generous offer and adamantly urge that the Mexicans take one for the team Bayeli Solares Sep 1 at 2-48 AM Edited On behalf of the Mexicans there is some jobs we won't even do maybe the Asians can take this one Nick McCollum On behalf of the Asian culture we also kindly decline the generous act as we are practicing our arithmetic playing piano and ninja lying arts maybe the Muslims have the answer you seek Carlos Muhammad AbdulRahman Bran On behalf of all Muslims we r gonna have to decline the offer for the simple fact we don't eat pork DESTRUCTION 100 Running out of Options! by iSoundwave MORE MEMES Meme

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