friend don't blame me I voted for Kodos me 14-Aug-19 Penalty Notice Apparent failure to vote Due Date 20-Sep-19 @ IMPACTED JOWLS Dear M I am writing to notify you under subsection 2453 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 Electoral Act that it appears you failed to vote at the Federal Election held on 18-May-19 I was unable to rationalise or justify contributing to any potential outcome of this election Doing so would have compromised my religious and personal values and beliefs wounded my moral integrity and left me feeling as morally corrupt as the candidates of the vote in question As a result I was compelled to abstain Pay the administrative penalty of $20 using ay ui u Pay by cash Present this notice with your payment at any AEC office Pay by credit card Ising Visa Mastercard or Amex Online wwwaecaovaun n-voters Phone 1 00 15 57 C Istor ier Ref N OI v th y our payment at any Australia Post outlet Prisen th s r Oh Meme

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