FRIENDS of DEMOCRACY NFIDENTIAL LEVEL7 ABC ACTION - BWI0418'15 HIS EULL DOCUMENT TO AVOID MISCOMMUNICATION OR ORGAN PLEASE READ T ATIONAL ISSUES FINAL OPERATION ORDER SUMMARY The Action Oversight Executive Committee AOEC has determined that Saturday April 18 2015 is when operators will implement Action BWI0413'15 This swift transition from AOEC planning to implementation by friendly operators in BWI is in part to seize as much momentum as possible from current civil unrest in the BWI Friendly officials in various administrative agencies for BWI have told us to expect a large law enforcement LE response to our operations Please refer to Action BWI0413'15 documentation on recommended practices when encountering LE and hostile forces OPERATORS AND AUXOPS MUST BE IN CONSTANT CONTACT VIA 328BG COMMS PROVIDED BY AOEC ANY OPS OR AUXOPS WITH PROBLEMS WITH THEIR 328BG YOU MUST INFORM YOUR ASSIGNED AGITORG Agitorgs will inform operators when AOEC has approved the final distribution of funds Considering opsec this information will be conveyed after the action relayed through the same comms channels used to negotiate ops and auxops contracts *DO NOT DISCUSS THE DISTRIBUTION OR FULFILLMENT OF FUNDS DURING THE ACTION DO NOT ALLUDE TO ANY DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS TO ANYBODY OUTSIDE OF THE ORGANIZATION OR WHO DOES NOT HAVE AT LEAST LEVEL 6 HR-J CLEARANCE* Recommended attire will be provided at your designated actpoint by your assigned agitorg CONFIDENTIAL- LEVEL 7 AB-G AOEC FINAL DRAFT Page 1 of 26 ACTION MAP AALPHA DEMOSTRATION FRIENOLY LE WILL BE ON NORTH SIDE OF BLDG AGITORG HK GAMMA PRIME AOEC REPRESENTATIVES Mosher S Mosher St DELTA EIGH AGITORG T Chalk Alley ette Ave ALPHA F V Lafayette Ave AGITORG EM Agitorgs at each actpoint have specific departure times and must travel on designated routes These routes have been guaranteed by friendly BWI offi cials and LE as safe for ops and auxops mobilization times differ depending on conditions an toraactpoint but will occur along the same route O ctpoint comms will migrate exclusively to 328BG Demobili agi Once away from -CONFIDENTIAL- LEVEL 7 AB-G AOEC FINAL DRAFT Page 2 of 26 LEGAL Resources from AOEC will be available during the action and at debrief Any legal concerns must be reported immediately to the closest PIC Agitorgs will coordinate with AOEC who will in turn collaborate with friendly BWI officials and LE to handle legal issues We are expecting possible injuries If not from today's action then very likely during Action BWI0425'15 unless amended by AOEC Agitorgs have designated operators to serve as ad hoc medics when p necessary Consult page 14 for medical regroup points MRPs on where to migrate in case of injury Do not worry about violent tion we have secured limited protections from friendly BWI officials and LE to permit some aggressive activity Consult page 13 for a list of approved maneuvers techniques and props Agitorgs will receive confirmation from AOEC representatives in the area when it is appropriate to elevate ops an auxops aggressivenesS **OPERATORS MUST ACKNOWLEDGE** POST-ACTION OBJECTIVES Primary emi Agitation of local civilian population Escalation of civil unrest in BWI area Provocation of hostile LE and BWI officials Secondary Escalation of LE deployment in BWI area Galvanization of friendly and usefully-allied organizations Creation of environment where organic conflict can grow Recruitment UP TO THE DISCRETION OF AGITORGS Seeding of other organic actions in other locations in the US Ideal Civil unrest the leads to deployment of martial law-like polici for BWI creating feedback loop Additional action opportunities -CONFIDENTIAL LEVEL 7 AB-G AOEC FINAL DRAFT Page 12 of 26 r enemies and allies sympathy from media easy identification on television medial outlets emphasis A debrief will occur with AOEC representatives at actpoint GAMMA PRIME Do NOT demobilize until instructed by an agitorg or higher via 328BG as reiterated in earlier portions of this document APPROVED PRACTICES YOU MAY NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DEVIATE FROM THE PRACTICES ENUMERATED IN THIS SECTION** POINT OF CONTACT DA Donnelly DO NOT name this individual in any comms or in- person This does not leave this document HAND-TO-HAND PROPS Closed fists may be used only below the Do not bring anything to the demonstration neck and above the belt Open hands may be used wherever Kicking is not permitted unless provoked with no other recourse You may only engage in the use of props if other local demonstrators have already done so Bottles rocks sticks and other small blunt objects are permissible as long as the use of props has already occurred among other demonstrators DO NOT reach for LE weapons or make any moves that could be misconstrued as reaching for their weapon GENERAL BEHAVIOR AGRESSIVENESS Agitorgs will update you before mobilization Do not congregate with other ops or auxops in groups of more than two on signs and codes used to identify friendly LEs and BWI officials Do not make prolonged eye contact or DO NOT engage with them on any level that speak with more than two other ops or auxops If you must speak with other ops auxops directly please do so via 328BG comms may be perceived as friendly Allied LEs have been instructed merely to not engage they have not been told to assist Agitorgs will relay orders from nearby AOEC When not in crowds keep hands out of Avoid being caught in open spaces stick Do not spend too much time on your representatives when its best appropriate to escalate Remember timing and assignment of escalations is determined by conditions on the ground and intelligence from LEs channeled through AOEC pockets and keep them visible close to other locals participating in the demonstration 328BG Use it sparingly we're trusting youIf the determination has been made to to act independently as much as possible escalate specific instructions will be Navigate using only the approved protected relayed via 328BG ONLY ESCALATE corridors STICK TO YOUR PERSONALITY PER THOSE INSTRUCTIONS IF AND WHEN THEY COME PROFILE ASSIGNMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - CONFIDENTIAL- LEVEL 7 AB-G Page 13 of 26 AOEC FINAL DRAFT FUNDING nnelly - DO NOT name this individual in any comms or in- person This does not leave this document The dispersement of funds will occur in three stages 1 Initial dispersement of funds prior to action If you have not already received this dispersement please reach out to the designated point of contact Typically this will constitute 5%-10% of the negotiated amount ETA one to two weeks prior to action Il Immediately following debrief AOEC representatives will direct you on where and when you can expect to see the next stage of funding dispersement Typically this will constitute 20%-30% of the negotiated amount ETA 24-48 hours following action Ill-Final dispersement of funds will come at some point in the future a timeline to be determined by AOEC representives your contract and further possible amendments from AOECagitorgs This will constitute the remainder of the negotiated amo' 089 ETA 4-6 months following action May be delayed FY2016 AOEC representatives will keep you update l13771 Final disbursements are subject to review and ap Donnelly proval fror 15749 4 DO NOT REPORT THIS AS INCOME TO ANYBODY We have coordinated with relevant tax authorities and accounting firms to ensure that funding is distributed through appropriate channels to preserve opsec FAILURE TO PROPERLY ABIDE BY THE TERMS OF FUNDING WILL RESULT IN YOUR EXPULSION FROM FUTURE ACTIONS* Ince revi n earn you bonuses based upon your merit As with previous FOD ntives are offered during demonstrations Displays of leadership actions incentives are limitless we encourage explor- CONFIDENTIAL - LEVEL7 OEC FINAL DRAFT Page 24 of 26 HOLY SHIT! 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