Friendship ended with MODASIR Now ALMAN is my best friend Friendshig Repain With Mudasir Asif Asif Raza Rand Your ego seeks confict it loves nothing better than to wr bates for you sad y as褯wns you ofan lose respect and triends pe f you wish peoblems to persist keep blaming everyone and everything but yourselt lor he who pensistenty blames and criticise only tans the fames of natred and contreversy from now Mudasir ismail Ahimed and SAlman AHmad Nagash both are my best friends Both面 View previous cons Abubakr 3anaulah Asduliah Siddque redost hogal bhai Bee Translan relate this with your patich up Vikram Lakshman imaan Say Raghay Sarte Aishwarya Parib Transao ri Asif Mudasir Salman besnds Forever spookingofskelesackia the-rom-man peble spookingofskelesackia The Timeless Trilogy im happy they worked it out I need updates on this are they still bffs? Meme

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