FROM DANK ESTGOAT You're now chatting with a random stranger Say hi! You both like Affectedbyhate You hi Stranger Hey You side? Stranger Against You against 4chan? Stranger Yeah You good You listen i need to share this with someone You i got triggered by one of those filthy anons You he was joking about 911 You my dad died on 911 You l was on the phone with him when he died You I'll never forget his last words Stranger I'm so sorry for your loss You want to know what his last words were? Stranger Sure You allahu akbar Stranger has disconnected REPLY Fiya jetfuel meme callofduty hungergames love gaming russia nike basketball ana memes bbw depression xboxone pokemon skyrim gameofthrones kik nintendo 50shadesofgrey minecraft kush lordoftherings savedankmemes starwars thewalkingdead spain frozen disney harrypotter Meme

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