From now on 'm gonna be Spike's daa! dod d tunblr Yeah! And eirbe Spike's other dad F be Spike's other dad! kayotics lacigreen sex positive rugrats!*The Rugrats parents allow Tommy and Chuckie to wear dresses because “they’re not just for girls”*In Betty Howard’s relationship the gender roles are reversed Same in Drew Charlotte’s relationship *Charlotte Angelica’s big business mama occasionally alludes to the importance of female empowerment * Throughout the series it is often highlighted that Phil Lil although identical twins are treated differently because of their gender *Charles”Chaz” proudly takes on the nurturing role of single dad and challenges traditional masculinity *In fact most the characters bend gender in one way or another! Best thing about this is when I was a kid and watched the show I didn’t really see anything out of the ordinary with any of this Meme

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