From this point on you no longer drink sodas sugary fruit drinks or alcohol You now only drink water -From this point on you no longer eat white bread -From this point on you no longer eat any pork product or processed meat ever -From this point on you no longer eat any other fatsugar combo candy crap snacks at all From this point on you avoid fatty add-ons like cheese and sour cream and mayo Lean meat already has enough fat in it Food is now on there for one purpose to feed you protein and good carbs as efficiently as possible You do not care about how it tastes if it has the nutrition you need its fucking delicious Buy cans of tuna and bonelessskinless chicken breasts eat one a day somehow no matter what Buy eggs boil them peel them refrigerate them Buy cottage cheese Learn to like it with berries in it -Buy beans learn how to cook and eat them every day -Buy fruit and toilet paper -Buy oatmeal a big tub of unflavored OATZ the packaged oatmeal has sugar and shit which is bad for you Don't be a pussy Mix them half and half every morning for breakfast with a boiled egg and a banana a multivitamin and a glass of milk This is more important than any other meal You fucking eat it and love it Eat 5-6 meals a day Never get hungry never get full Get some carbs and protein a couple of hours before your workout and take some more protein and carbs within 30 minutes after There it is a first month plan The first month will decide if you can make the rest Because if you stick to it for real in month one you'll feel like a fucking million dollars and will drop at least 2 on your waist Make a commitment for one month Test your integrity JAMAL Best weight loss plan ever Meme

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