frontporchforumcom How DARE ANYONE say or write ANYTHING negative about anyone or any business in Montpelier!!!! The avalanche of posts not only defending who or whatever is criticized but accusing whoever had the courage to submit such a post in an intolerant town like this of all sorts of nefarious motivations suggests to me that the people submitting these crucifying posts should vote for Trump during the next election Believe me he'll encourage your attacks on freedom of speech A regular patron at I've always been satisfied with the food service and its owner's friendly down to earth attitude But in spite of that I would DEFEND anyone's right as long as our fragile democracy manages to survive to criticize just about ANYTHING I personally did NOT get the impression that the writer questioning whye posts frequent employee recruitment ads needs psychotherapy If anything his courage in this town might be encouraged All the pseudo progressive liberals who turn into totalitarians whenever they feel a little threatened EMAIL AUTHOR REPLY TO FORUM Totally reasonable response Meme

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