fuck-scrappydoo i suppose i can turn on anon for my lovely followers who want to say nice and funny things but are shy scrappy is peeing on scooby's balls scythfi-writer This is not Lossjpg artistically but it is mood wise fuck-scrappydoo This is the best thing you could ever say to me thank you jakemorph FIRST CONTACT The protagonist encounters the first of many new characters on their quest CURIOSITY apprehension and takes the first step on their journey INFORMATION EMOTION news that changes the nature of their jourmey by the tribulations of their fuck-scrappydoo I'm going to DIE at this English class analysis of my comic thank you so much I love you bass-fucker The protagonist breakthrough brought on by the tribulations of their i had to bring it full circle fuck-scrappydoo totallynotreimuhakurei CURIOSITY FIRST CONTACT Ths is the best thing you eould ever sep tome INFORMATION EMOTION digitaldiscipline it's a goddamned matryoshka doll of memefuckery in here some days loss is a timeless masterpiece Meme

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