fuckaspunk brunhiddensmusings historyarchaeologyartefacts The iron hand of Götz von Berlichingen 1480-1562 a knight and mercenary who lost his right arm in a siege 640×360 points about this-it was shot off by a cannon-he continued being a knight for over 40 years after getting the iron hand-it was delicate enough he could still write with a quill using it which is important as he was described as a ‘warrior poet’-after a merchant-punching life suitable for an elder scrolls protagonist he was outlawed by the holy roman empire friends of his used a high diplomacy roll and a bribe to get him out and he then almost immediately kidnapped a bishop -after outlaw of the holy roman empire 2 electric boogaloo was placed under house arrest in a castle he had purchased with all his quest rewards to spend the next 20 years drunk off his ass I can’t believe you’d make this post and not mention that his poetry contains the first known usage of the phrase “lick my ass” Meme

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