fuckingconversations: taki-sensei: 20 year old beginner: one year of learning flute and butterfly knife skillz :) Fun fact: Adults actually learn those “You need to practice!” skills better than children do.  Kids tend to want to do literally anything aside from learning this skill my parent is forcing me to learn.  Adults actually can sit down and practice things for hours on end. Adults WANT to practice to get their skills better. Adults deliberately set aside time every day to practice. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, it’s productive growth and not wiggling in your chair mournfully watching birds out the window.  Anything from Drawing to Weaving to Violin to fuckin flipping bufferfly knives like a pro - choose a skill and LEARN, dammit! None of that ‘Children’s brains are more malleable’ bullshit. Brain squish is not the end-all of learning!