fuckingflying I hate linguistic anthropology Why? One of the most influential experiments in linguistic anthropology involved teaching a chimp asl One of the most influential linguistics is named Noam Chomsky You know what the chimp's name was? Nim Chimpsky Fucking monkey purn And this is in textbooks in documentaries everywhere And everyone just IGNORES THIS GOD AWFUL PUN cause of how important the experiment was But BUT LOOK AT THIS SHIT FUCKING NIM CHIMPSKY I HATE THIS WHOLE FIELD dendritic-trees Its not just the linguistic anthropologists There's a group of very important genes that determine if your body develops in the right shape organization they are called the hedgehog genes because fruit fly geneticists are all ridiculous The different hedgehog genes are all named after different hedgehogs And then someone decided to get clever and name one sonic hedgehog because this is just what fruitfly geneticists do Well sonic hedgehog controls brain development and now actual doctors are stuck in the position of explaining to grieving parents that their child's lethal birth defects or life-threatening tumors are caused by a sonic hedgehog mutation And this is why no one will invite the fruit fly people to parties error-404-fuck-not-found Biogeochemical scientists upon discovering the complex mechanisms that govern the storage and use of molecular iron on our planet decided to call this cycle the ferrous wheel We groaned about that for at least five solid minutes callmegallifreya The phenomenon of sneezing when exposed to sudden bright light is called an Autosomal-dominant Compelling Helio Opthalmic Outburst ACHOO Half a byte of data is a nibble theactualcluegirl An unidentified repetitive computer error is called a Bug because the first one of those they discovered to be the fault of a moth fluttering against the vacuum tubes I think we need to admit that academics and engineers are lonely stressed people whose brains go funny places when deprived of sleep and fed too much coffee instead sonic hedgehog Meme

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