fullforcegalesofnovember In my great-grandfather's spy memoir we found this summer he talks at length about how he was able at the age of 30 to infiltrate the communist party by pretending to be an at-risk homeless teenager yes literally a hello fellow commie teens! move He also explains in great detail how he was able to do this be cause he had an unusually youthful round and baby- ish facea face which has been passed down through the generations to me There's also a long long paragraph where he's trying to explain to his intended audience and also to himself the overall concept of empathy as if it's this strange foreign belief system But that means that now in our family we justify all our skincare and make-up purchases by claiming they support our spy work How will I ever infiltrate the communist party without this $15 bottle of snail serum? or approvingly after applying make-up I look ready to infiltrate the communist party! Or specifically in the context of a text I just got from my mother that said only I have to stop at ulta on the way home or l'll lose my chance to infiltrate the communists And Epstein didn't kill himself An interesting title Meme

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