Furry 5K $164 Furry 5Ko Furry 5Kok ORG We were absolutely thrilled when the Coalition for Animal Rescue and Education - CARE - of Delaware picked our little elderly dog loving rescue as one of the three beneficiaries of their incredible Furry 5k Delaware! We had such an amazing time at the event and it was so well organized and fun Just being amongst such wonderful organizations was an honor in it itself! Yesterday we received a check for $5000 dollars We will be able to change the lives of so many homeless dogs with these funds THANK YOU to the organizers the volunteers the sponsors the venders the runners and the walkers and all of the people who came just to snuggle a dog or a goat! ❤️ We are so grateful and we promise we will use these funds in a way that will make you very proud Please take a second to ‘like’ these pages and thank them for supporting SDH&H! Meme

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