FYS THE SOLAR SYSTEM A LISA SAPSON LESSON PLAN Miss Hoover once againthe lesson plan l prepared would have covered this topic much better THE SOLAR SYSTEM A LISA SIMPSON LESSON PLAN 1 Get into the mood with ten what happened to Pluto? minutes of class cal mus There used to be nine planets by Gustav Hast panes edious jokes about and the furthest one away was caled Piuto Then one day some people decided that it shouldnt be a planet any more because it ddnt seem special enough Whats next? Is Mars going to stop 2 Say the names of he 3 Listen to five minutes c Uranus 4 Deserbe gravity velocity bcing a planet because its compostion named after a candy ral planes company? Should we get Sound alarm bell to wake rid of Mercury because a up students teacher certain car company has stopped that 6 Each planet is named for a ine? Listen people you cant 7 15 minute discussionof because if facts can change 8 Explain that astrology is were italy Although that Roman God The cnly femate is Venus just change the facts kds are taught in second grade gender iegaty ithe soler system then anything can change and the next thing you know wouldnt be so bad Italy is lovcly especially in the not science 9 Give up and do everyones Springtime horoscope fyspringfield Read it Meme

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