gallusrostromegalus katy-l-wood carbonfiberpersonality Southerner oh man there's snow! 1 Guess we better uh Not do a driving! *Drives 10 mph while sobbing* Northerner driving a stick shift 80 mph in slick iced roads while eating a full cheese plate and blaring led zeppelins' immigrant song* mia7437 the northerner instinct when spinning out is to take ones foot off the gas pedal and grumble in dril level deadpan of the bull shit that it is katy-l-wood I once drifted down the entire north side of Berthod Pass in a blizzard with about 1Oft of visibility and that was in a car with only front wheel drive and a radiator that was folded in half from a prior incident with a lady who slammed on her breaks in the middle of the road I was drinking a very delightful raspberry smoothie from the other side of the pass which was sunny the entire time gallusrostromegalus Katy how have the mountain gods not smote you for your hubris yet? katy-I-wood Repeated blood sacrifice gallusrostromegalus Whose Blood? Source carbonfiberpersonality #blood mention #for context berthod pass is the second-worst pass in colorado 94259 notes Northern Instinct Meme

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