gallusrostromegalus Years ago I got to go to an AcademicDinner of my history professors Party because one missed a class from a bad cold and didn't want to go through the effort of rescheduling the classroom We'd just attend this dinner party in his backyard and discuss things intellectually and Eat enough so I don't have to deal with leftovers for a month and we'd get class credit Apparently several other profs had the same cold and idea so it ended up being an inter-departmental Socratic seminarget drunk and rant about your chosen feild of study without the tenure board listening in party I don't drink so I had the pleasure of being stone-cold sober while various academic authorities lost thier inhibitions but fortunately not thier clothes Some Humanities Professor mildly soused on white wine So what's your opinion on the proposed Geothermal enegry plant? Volcanologist who has been shooting whiskey all night Not to over-simplify my career but if you poke holes in a Volcano Lava comes out Volcanologist deciding he needed to clarify This is a Bad Thing Humanities prof probably a philosopher of some flavor becuase only philosophy people say shit like this Well every time there's erruption we also end up with more island so it's not all bad? Accelerated expansion if you will Volcanologist Has a tendency to burn and then encase preexisting parts of Island though I lost my favorite shave ice place that way Humanities Alright we poke holes on the side with all the millionaire tourist mansions and state senator villas Volcanologist You might be onto something CC there go full supervillain I Me If you guys decide to can make costumes Humanities Well this is all playful speculati- Volcanologist I WANT A CAPE THAT LOOKS LIKE A'A AND IS ALSO ON FIRE!! My history professor who has just seen me and heard the word 'fire' NO ENABLING PYROMANIA GALLUS At least not where I can't hear it an be accused of aiding or abetting Go discuss it in the driveway Anyway that's what college is like if you make friends with your professors so you should definitely go to thier office hours and make future Henchperson career contacts If you like my short stories please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi or pre-ordering the upcoming omnibus of Family Lore on Patreon! Thank you! Source gallusrostromegalus 9341 notes A Volcanologists man Meme

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