amkrii: liberscaryrynn: gaming: PRESS STARTWelcome to Tumblr’s official Gaming blog. It was about time we leveled up and started a place to show off all things gaming and eSports on Tumblr. We’re here to connect you with incredible content for the kind of community experience you deserve. First up—fan art! A Tumblr fave. Want to have your art featured on our blog? Submit your best gaming-themed fan art for a chance to be featured on Fan Art Fridays—a weekly showcase of this talented community’s best stuff. A Winner Is You!Get ready, Tumblr. This is Gaming. A “Tumblr official gaming blog” sounds like a recipe for cancer if I ever saw one. I’m just waiting for the Tumblr Gaming post about how problematic the Sims was because it let’s men create women as virtual sex slaves then kill them when they get bored. Patriarchy over 9000!God help us if they discover Guild Wars 2 and all the skimpy armor that’s totally exclusive to women. Hey I have the Sims vampire DLC and created an all powerful vampire queen that seduces every man in town and has dozens of children that she then abandons to let her man take care of. It’s equal opportunity sex slavery over here 😂