GARBAGE MEN ARETWICEASLIKELYTOGETH URT ON THE JOB THAN ARMED FORCESTHEYVOLUNTARILY COLLECTTHE BACTERIA RIDDLEDDISCARDED REMNANTS OF LIFE YOU DO NT WANTTODEALWITH THANK YOU rer YOUR SERVICE YETTHEYGET NO PARADES DISCOUNTS FLAGS OR PATS ON THE BACK FOR BEING THE HEROES THAT THEY ARE WE SALUTE THE GARBAGE MEN THAT KEEP US SAFE thehollowkidvg swiggity-swegan constructiveanarchy WORKING CLASS SOLIDARITY My dad told me recently that the most important public health workers are garbage collectors and janitors So much of our health relies on a clean environment These people do some of the most important work in society If we learned in dirty public environments full of garbage we’d all be sick I cannot thank these people enough for the valuable work that they do Shout out to all garbage collectors janitors and housekeepers! Meme

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