Garbagemen of reddit what's the most memorable thing you've found in the trash? Discussion 89k -15k Share Award BEST COMMENTS deanjarois β‘€ 4η”» 5h Not a garbage man but my dad was before I was born He's found old fishing lures a Bulova watch but most importantly My dad was the driver who had this one girl's garbage route and every time the girl would hear the truck she'd get all the last minute garbage from the house and take it out so she could get a good look at all the garbage men And she was interested in my dad She even scheduled her radiography classes AROUND trash collection day just so she'd be home When my dad noticed the trend he'd often switch roles with one of the guys on the back of the truck so he could take the girl's last minute garbage from her and toss it in This went on for months One day the girl's father locked her out of the house and said he wouldn't let her back in until she gave her phone number to one of the garbage men Coincidentally this was one day my dad was driving She took the trash up to the guy on the back and she asked him Hey is your driver seeing anyone? The guy yelled to my dad Hey Keith are you seeing anyone?!?! And this is how my dad found his most valuable treasure my mom in the garbage They've been happily married for almost 26 years Wholesome 😊 Meme

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